Case of QROK

In the early market space, robust commercial positioning and satellite navigation systems were used as GPS devices for outdoor environments. However absence of satellite signals in the indoor space clearly indicated requirement for new research technology, which is effective in the indoor conditions. Thus, QROK started to heavily invest into their product applications offering to provide cutting edge indoor navigation solutions for different industries (incl. retail, shopping centers/malls, tourism & hospitality, amusement parks, airports, and office buildings)

QROK IQ Solution

QROK is a modern aggregation application combining state of the art indoor navigation possibilities - helping display your indoor facilities where no GPS-signal can be received – with various other social, informational and marketing related (incl. location triggered services, data analytics, loyalty systems, real time information) systems.

Use Case Shopping
Mall Application

QROK IQ system improves the shopping malls image, facilitate customer orientation and build a loyal audience as well as a new possibility to attract customers through new channels and ensures increase customer flow.

But also the retail-partners of the shopping mall benefit through QROK IQ system and therefore you can share valuable analytics gained by the app to set new measures in the administration and promotion of whole centers and/or singular outlets. QROK is not just a marketing instrument, but can deliver an added value for the user or customer once he enters e.g. a shopping mall and is looking for a specific location, products and/or other specific services. Easy, fast and guided directly towards it!