In the complex building structures of an airport, it is not always easy to keep track. Different terminals, the fastest way to the check-in, the right gate, duty free shopy etc – QROK can help in the most efficient way to be prepared for trips. The focus here though is not only the navigation within the airport but the integration of particular flight information or related activities, such as parking spaces / walking distances / queuing information and queue management / restaurants and shops etc. all intelligently integrated into the application for your clients improving and preventing crowds and lowering waiting time and help improving overall customer satisfaction.

USE CASE for Airports

Accurate indoor location solutions are helping airports to seamlessly manage their operations and lower expenses.

So QROK IQ provides various benefits to airport operators, airport staff, retailers, and passengers. Real time information about passengers and airport staff helps in optimizing passenger flow time, waiting time in queues, and baggage handling. Moreover, QROK IQ’s locationing solution help airport retailers to push promote their products directly to interested passengers while the passenger gets information of flight timings along with the maps of navigation at the security checks and boarding gates.


QROK helps in real time to get people to their destination on time. Support your visitors with current information, an interactive map that has all points of interest ready to view, and the possibility of routing and guiding directly to the correct section. The application also provides shop operators with marketing options, which guarantee high awareness.

Railway station

Similarly to airports also railway stations, subway stations etc. often have  complex building structures making way finding and orientation difficult. Especially in the case of longer travel chains.

Shopping center

You can create attractive added value for your customers' shopping experience with QROK IQ Indoor Navigation. Through the aggregation of state of the art indoor navigation possibilities - with various other social, informational and marketing related systems - it will help improve your image, facilitate customer orientation and build a loyal audience as well as attract new customers to visit your premise again and again.

As an operator, you will benefit from satisfied visitors and store operators alike. There is a wide range of display options for stores and restaurants in particular, leaving nothing to be desired. The app naturally also offers convenient functions such as couponing, location-based marketing and the possibility to contact with your social contacts nearby.

USE CASEfor shopping center

QROK IQ provides site navigation, territory management, location based task management solution for shopping center operators. The newly developed QROK IQ solution enables the shopping center operators and the retailers to use real time bidding algorithm to create real time and dynamic shopping experience/ decision cycles for the attracting new customers.

Art Galleries,
Amusement Parks,
Office Buildings,
Logistic Buildings,

Art Gallery

QROK transforms the visitors smartphone devices into personal tour guides. The solution automatically senses the visitors location and exhibits content-rich maps using text, audio and video.
Visitor services and room booking systems, location-based task management and position approval with colleagues, cafeteria menus or company news – the products used adapt individually to your company's needs and can be flexibly expanded. QROK also offers innovative solutions in complex industrial areas with security areas. This means that mobile goods can be tracked on site and secured by a control center should they leave set areas via a warning system. Furthermore, user-specific areas can also be created with individual access authorization. In this case, too, notifying a control center upon entering or exiting specific zones is possible.


QROK enhances the visitors experience through real time location and navigation, enriched content-based maps, turn-by-turn guidance and social networking.

& Logistics

QROK solves a range of manufacturing challenges encompassing standards, policies and procedures including goods tracking, storage optimization, warehouse layout, stock status..