Our Team

In the early market space, robust commercial positioning and satellite navigation systems were used as GPS devices for outdoor environments. However absence of satellite signals in the indoor space clearly indicated requirement for new research technology, which is Our vacancies.

Igor Snizhko:CEO Founder

Igor Snizhko
CEO Founder

Dmitriy Nikolaev:CTO

Dmitriy Nikolaev

Konstantin Fedorov:Lead Programmer

Konstantin Fedorov
Lead Programmer

Andrey Praeger:Technical Director

Andrey Praeger
Technical Director

Alexey Shapovalov:IT Director

Alexey Shapovalov
IT Director

Igor Tudoran:iOS Developer

Igor Tudoran
iOS Developer

Vladislav Ivanov:Android Developer

Vladislav Ivanov
Android Developer

Vladimir Panenko:QA Automation

Vladimir Panenko
QA Automation

Anna Hinevich:QA Automation

Anna Hinevich
QA Automation

Vladislav Plotnikov:Sales Manager

Vladislav Plotnikov
Sales Manager

Denis Avdeev:Product Management/Scrum Consulter

Denis Avdeev
Product Management/Scrum Consulter

Peter Kostin:Product Manager

Peter Kostin
Product Manager

Mario Schlener:Financial Business Strategy<br />
and Innovation Expert

Mario Schlener
Financial Business Strategy
and Innovation Expert

Timur Supataev:M&A and investments Expert

Timur Supataev
M&A and investments Expert

Wladimir Chapiro:Managing director

Wladimir Chapiro
Managing director