Indoor „GPS“ Hardware

Using QROK Technology some minor hardware adaptations must be undertaken within the building to secure accuracy. This technology then works on all mobile operating systems but can also be displayed on in-building screens


QROK uses iBeacon and Wifi spots for the indoor navigation experience – the bluetooth-beacon transmit signals within a radius of minimum 30 meters in real time. iBeacon will then allow you to launch an application and show the client text, photos, videos etc. at the approach towards the desired object or premise.


The QR-code can facilitate the process of choosing a product or service, because in a small square on the packaging or on an advertising poster you can contain up to 4296 characters, enclosing the information that is inconvenient or expensive to place in text form and making it easier and quicker to use for the client/consumer. Furthermore the integrated reader will help process information more efficient.

Here Maps

We are the only company in the CIS which has the license to use Here maps for business. This allows us to provide our clients with uncompromising quality of service without restriction and a seamless overlay between the outdoor and our indoor map.